Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Under a Summer Sky

Glistening, glittering.
The eyes of a thousand suns,
A million worlds,
Look down on me on a cool summer night.

Seconds, minutes, hours have passed
Since I last visited here,
Where orchestral music of the night
Serenades my ever wandering soul,
Searching for, yearning for,
A moment of solitude.

I am blessed.

Love abounds here,
Surrounds my existence
With beauty divine.
My heart consumed with
Dreams and visions
Of a supreme being,
Who has set in motion
The perfect comedy of life.

Days and nights of good and bad,
Swirling into a mix of perfection.
There have been cold winter storms
And sunny days in paradise,
A symphony of chaotic bliss.

I am blessed.

With love. With life.
With happiness and despair.
With days I didn't want to move,
And nights I danced until dawn.
With the family I call friends,
And friends I call family.
With the worst of days, and the best of days.

And still it continues.
It's busy, it's messy,
It's boring,
it's a whirlwind of mystery,
a portrait of a complete and broken man.
It has mountains to climb, valleys to cross,
A sea of wonder,
It continues.

I am blessed.

Monday, September 26, 2011


I can see it in the distance.
I surge forward,
but it doesn't get closer.

I push through the cold water,
choking me from all around
constricting my body,
forcing me to cease my efforts.

My fate looks dim,
the surface so far away.
Unattainable. Lost.
Nothing can help me now.

Then he comes.

Pushing through the water,
he embraces me,
pulling me toward a destination
I've longed for.

His body moves effortlessly through the water,
as if he were swimming through air.
The weight of this world gradually lifts itself,
and my body begins to move through the water

Gasping for air,
my lungs indulge in the essense,
this appetite finally being fed.
My eyes drift toward my savior.

Nothing spectacular,
But all the more amazing.
He's a normal boy,
yet everything I've longed for.

I smile, and it is returned.
He helps me out of the water,
wraps me in his warmth.
And here I am.


Monday, September 19, 2011


He ran. An not just ran. He could hear his voice echoing down the streets of this small city, and try as he might, he couldn't make himself stop. He heard a bullet ricochet off the dumpster to his right, the sound of glass shattering bouncing off the bricked walls around him. He needed to get the hell out of this alley--preferably with his heart still pumping.

As he narrowly made his escape, and darted left onto the street in front of him, he realized his voice had ceased, and the street was at least a tiny bit more crowded than the alley. But he knew public witnesses wouldn't stop the man behind him. He knew his best friend, afterall. Nothing short of the dramatics.

His vision snapped him back into reality. David stood there, brown eyes locked into his own. "You stabbed me in the back, Sam."

He looked around. Everyone was staring at them. He really did hate for private matters to become public. But then again, this was David Reece. Nothing was ever kept private with him. Not the victimized stuff, anyway. Oh, there was plenty David kept hidden from the public eye. But any chance for him to be the victim? No, David ate that up.

"I'm pretty sure that's not the way it happened," he replied, eying the VodkaCran in his friend's hand. "And if you would have even tried to be reasonable and listten? You would have known that."

"I don't want to listen!"

David's voice lingered for a moment. Sam sunk that in, and ran a hand through his hair.

"You're so quick to assume everyone has it out for you, Dave." He chuckled in near disbelief. "Who hasn't been on your bad side? Your best friend? Your boyfriend? Your mom? Thing is, we aren't. I screwed up. I hurt you. And I'm sorry. But I wasn't out to get you. And you didn't even give me the chance to talk it out before you blew it all over the world."

He shook his head. "In some ways, I am pissed so royally because you couldn't respect me like I should have been. You came at me all accusational, and didn't allow my side to be told. And it makes me think, 'Hmm, do I really want this guy to be my friend?' But at the end of the day, you are. Because I know you better than any one of those gossip whores who no shit about any of this--or nearly anyone here, for that matter."

He stepped closer. "Point is, if you cant give me the decency to talk it out, I kind of would rather you go on hating me. Because that means after all this time, you really don't know me. And that hurts worse than the disrespect."

He threw a twenty on the bar for his tab, nodded to the bartender, and walked past his friend. The crowd incredulously remained silent as he broke through them. Someone grabbed his arm on his exit out.

"Give him time."

Sam brushed past him and continued on. The thing about time's always running out.


Torn, Confused, Broken, Hurt.
The teeter never stops tottering.

The roller coaster with its ups and downs
does little to amuse,
The carnies all hidden behind
clever masks of friendly fun

The darkness creeps in,
The day gives way to night,
The chill air brushes against my shoulder,
nothing to cover these open wounds

I cry out for hope,
understanding, sympathy?
No, nothing is freely given,
Everything has a price.

The joy is gone,
The sorrow wept,
Nothing more than mirrors and mazes,
contorting the image i've tried desperately to form

I stop and take a breath,
Soak in those familiar sights and sounds,
The dreamland lost in a wave of reality.
I reach the top of the hill.

The slope goes on for miles,
twisting and turning, up and down.
I look back at the track behind me,
covered up by a dense fog.

Nowhere to go but down,
I brace for the drop, grit my teeth,
and prepare for the long road ahead,
continuing on the journey unkown.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hiding Behind Walls

For my final project in Advanced Writing, I wrote two short stories: Of Discovery and Of Life and Death. When posting them together, I wanted a title that correctly encompassed both stories and I felt a similar theme in both works was walls. Both main characters have built was in defense of what they feel, and both men learn to slowly take down these walls. So here they are for you to read.

Of Discovery
Jake is an average high school student, struggling with how he is perceived by other people. In order to complete a school assignment, he begins to journal. And through his journaling, he begins to see himself for who he really is, and comes to a personal discovery.

Of Life and Death
One morning, Chris wakes up to realize his husband is dead, and through the motions of burying a loved one, he begins to understand the emotional pressures placed onto him through what he feels as abandonment. Eventually, he realizes he must face the issues of abandonment he has in order to truly lay his husband to rest.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Where do I go
to find myself,
to hide myself
from this world I'm living in?

The spring awakens
from a dark and cold winter,
a hibernation from myself
and the places I've let myself go.

Anew and rejuvenated,
I search for that inner peace
to help me find a way
back to that place I called home.

There's something in the air.
I breathe in a soothing scent,
a tropical beach paradise
The place I escape to

Tomorrow I will find myself again,
Today I sit and wait,
observing strangers as they pass by,
rushing off in their daily lives.

A woman carrying her child,
A suit and tie glancing at his watch,
A grandmother crossing the street,
All off in their own little worlds.

No one looks at me,
I understand, I'm not a part of that world.
Not today, but soon.
In time, they will know me.

I hide from a bright and glorious world,
in the darkness I thrive,
but in time that will change,
Tomorrow's a new day.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the fear inside

Lying awake in bed,
Wishing I could have said

to keep me from feeling blue
to keep me from losing you

theres something behind those eyes
those pretty blue eyes that hypnotize
if i could just bear the simple pain
to rip off this elaborate disguise

i know it would be so much better
i know i could be so much better
how can i keep the fear in me
from losing you?

the past has left me weathered,
issues keep me tethered
to a pain i feel deep inside
thats why I write this letter

explaining who i am
explaining where i am
but where i want to go is not yet written
and the one i know who keeps me livin

the life i lead would be so much better
i know i could be so much better
how can i keep the fear in me
from losing you?

i apologize for this disguise
its not fair to you or what you want to do
i want to be yours, dont you understand that
my happiness stems from only you?

we were happy before this rift
and we're destined to be again
i know you feel it too
cause babe its me and you

your dark brown hair,
your pretty blue eyes,
a smile to save a thousand lives

i want you to be so much better,
t0 make you feel so much better
the one thing running on my mind
is taking care of you

forget the doubt, forget the worry.
im here babe, im in no hurry.

I'm lying awake in bed,
wishing i could have said
something more.

Just tell me how to keep from losing you.